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0328 OMNIVORE: America's party of white nationalism Book Forum
0328 OMNIVORE: Lessons from the health care repeal collapse Book Forum
0328 PAPER TRAIL: Colson Whitehead’s “Underground Railroad” gets Amazon series; “The Atlantic” opens London office Book Forum
0328 OMNIVORE: Explaining inequality Book Forum
0328 British soldier's sentence for killing injured Taliban cut Book News
0328 Announcing the 2017 BTBA Longlists for Fiction and Poetry The Millions
0328 Thinking Another Person’s Thoughts: The Millions Interviews Brit Bennett The Millions
0328 Tuesday New Release Day: Tinti; Enard; Shattuck; Matthews; Sontag The Millions
0328 Embattled Nunes Paralyzes House Intel Committee Book News
0328 Slain Oklahoma officer was new recruit, aspiring canine cop Book News
0328 OMNIVORE: A new measure of human rights Book Forum
0328 OMNIVORE: The future of campaign finance reform Book Forum
0328 OMNIVORE: Redefining "religious freedom" Book Forum
0328 IN PRINT: Apr/May 2017 Book Forum
0327 Ex-Freedom Caucus member: Some in the group ‘would vote no against the Ten Commandments’ Book News
0327 Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week? Guardian Blog
0327 Ivanka Trump Posts Pictures With Children At Zoo Book News
0327 Jeb Bush: Trump is ‘a distraction in and of himself’ Book News
0327 Poem of the week: Low Tide at St Andrews by Emily Pauline Johnson Guardian Blog
0327 Managed Discontents vs. Unimaginable Misery: On ‘A Line Made by Walking’ The Millions
0327 Escaping the Waste Land: On Flannery O’Connor and T.S. Eliot The Millions
0327 United Airlines bars teenage girls in leggings from flight Book News
0327 Protests nationwide bring thousands to Russia's streets Book News
0326 The Magnificent The Millions
0325 “His gift for matching books to reviewers was uncanny” The Millions
0325 Face/Off The Millions
0324 How Colin Dexter changed the face of crime fiction Guardian Blog
0324 ‘The greatest literary editor there has ever been’ – John Banville remembers Robert Silvers Guardian Blog
0321 How much is real in Earthly Powers? Maybe everything and nothing Guardian Blog
0320 Tips, links and suggestions: what are you reading this week? Guardian Blog
0320 Poem of the week: To Himself by Jeffrey Wainwright Guardian Blog
0317 London book fair: UK publishers cheerfully splash cash as sales rise Guardian Blog
0502 An Interview with Ross Posnock Bookslut
0502 Asleep, She is a Horizon: On Simone Weil Bookslut
0502 An Interview with Alison Kinney Bookslut
0502 A Plea for Tenderness Bookslut
0502 An Interview with Mary Rakow Bookslut
0502 An Interview with Joni Murphy Bookslut
0502 Among Strange Victims by Daniel Saldaña París, translated by Christina MacSweeney Bookslut
0502 Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey Bookslut