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1016 Harrowing viral footage shows 3-year-old riding a 20-foot python Book News
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1016 Wildfires burn out of control in Portugal and Spain Book News
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1016 What’s a Library to Do? On Homelessness and Public Spaces The Millions
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1015 Inside the Mind of a Book Critic The Millions
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1010 Jerusalem the Golden's less than shining start with critics Guardian Blog
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0519 Long-Lost Letter from Neal Cassady to Jack Kerouac Headed to Auction (Again) Paper Cuts
0502 An Interview with Ross Posnock Bookslut
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0502 Among Strange Victims by Daniel Saldaña París, translated by Christina MacSweeney Bookslut
0502 Ways to Disappear by Idra Novey Bookslut
0414 Juan Felipe Herrera Named to Second Term as Poet Laureate Paper Cuts
0412 Chris Jackson to Lead One World Imprint at Random House Paper Cuts
0407 Live Reading of Martha Graham Memoir (All of It) Paper Cuts
0406 Meg Rosoff Wins Astrid Lindgren Children’s Book Prize Paper Cuts
0406 James Hannaham Wins PEN/Faulkner Award for Fiction Paper Cuts
0405 Plus-Size Superhero Gets Her Own Series Paper Cuts
0323 Whiting Foundation Announces Winners of 2016 Awards for Writing Paper Cuts